Mr. Kruk works with clients in matters involving real estate, wills, and estate planning and probate/administration of estates, and municipal matters.   Mr. Kruk received his law degree from the University of Notre Dame. 

Mr. Kruk has more thirty years of experience spanning most areas in the field of real property law.  He has periodically lectured and written materials for continuing legal education programs in the area of real estate transactions and title issues.  For over three decades, Mr. Kruk has been an examining counsel or authorized title agent for various prominent title insurance companies.  His daily involvement with title examination and resolution of title issues makes Mr. Kruk the prudent choice for all of your residential and commercial real estate needs.

Mr. Kruk has assisted hundreds of families and individuals with their estate planning needs.  When a person dies without a Will in New York State, the Surrogate Court may be called upon to decide issues of property distribution, living arrangements for minors and other important matters.  Mr. Kruk can assist you in keeping such matters in your control and can help you formulate a detailed plan designed to carry out your wishes.  Mr. Kruk offers a free initial consultation for Will preparation and your other estate planning needs.  If the estate of someone you love requires probate or administration, Mr. Kruk can help guide you through the process.

Mr. Kruk has been the Town Attorney and Village Attorney in Lima, New York for many years.  In addition to serving as the legal advisor to those communities, Mr. Kruk has worked with many other municipalities and represented many clients in all aspects of municipal law, including land development, subdivision approval and variance applications.


Mr. Campbell’s practice is concentrated in the areas of Family Law, Criminal Defense, Business Planning, Municipal Law and Mediation.  Mr. Campbell received his law degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Mr. Campbell has worked with hundreds of families involved in Custody and Visitation disputes, Abuse & Neglect charges, Juvenile Delinquency charges, PINS (Persons In Need Of Supervision) petitions, child support and other family matters.  Mr. Campbell is also a court appointed Attorney for the Child and has represented many children in their times of need.

Mr. Campbell represents many small to medium sized businesses in all aspects of their business needs.  Mr. Campbell can assist you in buying or selling an existing business.  He can also help you with selecting the proper choice of business entity for your business, as well as formation of Partnerships, Corporations or Limited Liability Companies.

Mr. Campbell has been the Town Attorney for the Town of Livonia in Livingston County, New York, since 1998.  He has been the primary source of legal advice to the Town Board, Joint Planning Board and Joint Zoning Board of Appeals. Mr. Campbell also serves as attorney for the town of Avon, Leicester, Springwater, and York; as well as serving as legal counsel for the Livingston County Water & Sewer Authority. Mr. Campbell also represents private clients in various municipal law matters, including land development, site plan review, subdivision and use and area variance applications.  Mr. Campbell has prosecuted and defended against numerous Article 78 actions involving review of municipal actions.

Mr. Campbell has been assisting clients with mediation services since 2006.  Mediation is a process of resolving disputes where Mr. Campbell acts as an impartial third-party mediator, outside of the court system.  He uses his specialized training to help clients define issues and overcome obstacles that may otherwise prevent them from resolving their conflicts, often avoiding the need for expensive and time consuming litigation.  While Mr. Campbell primarily focuses his mediation practice on matrimonial and family issues, mediation can be effectively used for any dispute.  For more information on the mediation process, please visit